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Chertsey school's newest addition wows pupils

A SQUATTER has taken up residence at a Chertsey school - much to the delight of the children.

A blue tit has made its nest in a high-tech bird box in the grounds of Pyrcroft Grange Primary School in Pyrcroft Road.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the children have been able to witness its every move, including the almost daily laying of eggs.

The bird box was donated to the school by its former headteacher. It contains a built-in camera, with a colour monitor located in a nearby classroom.

Jane Oborn, the school's headteacher, said the box and its occupant have greatly enriched the children's learning.

She said: "The bird box was a very kind donation by our outgoing headteacher, Sarah Harris, when she retired one year ago.

"Volunteers have put it up outside in a tree by our new extension and the monitor is in our new extension room.

"The children are very excited because a blue tit started building a nest, gradually putting more and more twigs and things in there.

"After Easter there was a clutch of eggs and she has been laying an egg every day since."

She added: "The children are learning about life cycles in their topic work at the moment and they are hoping the eggs all hatch before half term in June.

"The children have researched it and they have found out that she could lay up to 17 eggs and she will not sit on them until she has laid all of them."

There are currently eight eggs in the nest and Jane says the blue tit, and her eggs, have become a part of school life.

"The camera turns to colour when the bird goes in and the new extension is used throughout the day, so whenever anyone is in there, they can keep half an eye on the screen.

"You can hear the kids talking in the corridors about it.

"Every child at the school has seen it. It has really sparked their interest in things, so they are observing things in their local environment and all those observational skills link in to other things, like reading and writing."

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